Our core values

We believe in being better than the best ever

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to bring the best technology and innovations to direct sales. As we get better, our bar gets higher. Resting on our laurels is never an option.

We do more with less time, money, and energy

We move quickly but thoughtfully with resources that are always put to good use. We know our community feels the same way about their own resources, so they can always expect a high-value experience at a reasonable price from us.

We embrace openness, honesty, and always asking why

We’re here to shake things up by challenging traditional thinking, constantly learning from our community, and being transparent in our actions. We treat others the way we would want to be treated and encourage others to hold us accountable.

Our story

Our CEO Amal and CTO Phil have worked together since 2012, building technology for recruiters, hospitals, HR leaders, and Fortune 500 companies. AMI began as an idea when Amal and Phil realized that the direct sellers were missing a mobile-based solution to easily connect with their customers while on-the-go.

They started with a simple Facebook post on April 2016 that included a photo of them holding up a handwritten sign, reading: “We’re looking for direct sellers!” Within hours, friends from California to Ohio began connecting them to sellers eager to share their ideas and experiences using tools that didn’t satisfy their business needs. Over countless phone calls and coffee meetings, AMI was born.

Since then, the #poweredbyAMI community and company has grown. Team AMI has had the opportunity to meet thousands of #poweredbyAMI entrepreneurs who share their inspirational stories of how AMI has impacted their lives.

We’re always looking to meet self-motivated, empathetic, and intellectually-curious innovators.